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BODA Extract No. 3

by on September 28, 2010

in Fat Burner Reviews

Background on BODA Extract No. 3

BODA Extract No. 3 is a fat burning supplement that contains active ingredients such as CLA.  The idea behind CLA is that there are natural occurring elements in beef and dairy that will help the body break down fat, while building lean muscle.   This healthy fat is a key part of the diet that gets lost in many of the modern day extreme weight loss programs.  This dietary supplement helps to provided energy and strength throughout the diet and may even make working out easier.

How safe is  BODA Extract No. 3?

BODA Extract No. 3  is considered a safe product to use for your everyday  dieters.  Though the product is continually undergoing medical observation and clinical testing, nothing has been found to conclude that this product is unsafe to take as a dietary supplement.

BODA Extract No. 3 Ingredients

  • CLA: This key ingredient is one of the main ingredients of this product.  This ingredient helps to facilitate the ability of the body to convert muscle to lean muscle mass.  CLA is derived from Beef and Dairy product.
  • BODA: BODA is also an ingredient that helps to facilitate the breakdown of fat in the body.  This ingredient does not simply stimulate fat burning.  It actually deals with the enzyme that the body produces to prevent fat burning.  Once that is eliminated, the body functions as a fat burning machine.  This product appears to be a great product that will produce good results.

Pros and Cons

  • Con: This product still is being tested to see how effective it will be.  There is still much controversy regarding this.
  • Pro: This product is new approach to weight loss and weight management.  This is an alternative to the “acai” and other berry diets.
  • Pro: This Product is natural and safe.
  • Con: A 30 day Guarantee  is not long enough to know if the product works effectively

How Much Does BODA Cost?

BODA costs $47.00 USD plus shipping and handling.  BODA comes with a thirty day money back guarantee.

Should I buy this product?

When considering a dietary supplement, it is important to take into account personality and routines.  In order for  BODA Extract No. 3 to be effective, it must be combined with exercise and healthy lifestyle choices.  The product appears to be very successful, when it is combined with other factors.  However, alone this product may not be the “dietary miracle” that you are looking for.  This product may not help with mood and stimulate as well as other product containing the fruity ingredients.  Take this product if you are ready to be physically active and want to put in work with a little extra help.

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